Prom season will be here before you know it, and it’s time to let the professionals at Pegasus help to make your Prom the night you will never forget.

Bring your own CDs, DVD’s or and videotapes to entertain from the finest in audio and visual equipment. Serve soft drinks and snacks from your refreshment bar. Create your own ambiance via ever-changing fiber-optic mood lights.
You will have your own private chauffeur for the entire evening … Pegasus is different! Our limousine and chauffeur never leave you to pick up other parties. If you want to pick up friends at several different locations, no problem, it doesn’t cost extra. Finished with dinner early and want to head to the prom? No problem, your own personal chauffeur is right there waiting for you.

Check out your limousine company here – The Kentucky Limousine Association

Why do we not do pick up’s and drop off’s for prom groups?

  • We don’t want your group to be delayed by another group’s tardiness
  • We know you don’t want someone else’s sparkles and perfume on your clothes
  • We want your group to be safe & secure at all times

Call or email for special pricing packages!