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Donation Responsibility Form - Disclosure Promise



I, ___________________________________________, take responsibility for being certain that the stipulations and requirements are fully disclosed to all auction bidders on this certificate or to the individual(s) that win or purchase this certificate.


All donation certificates contain the following stipulations:

a)     Valid only Sunday – Thursday, not to be used on Fridays or Saturdays. No exceptions will be made. If you need a certificate that can be used on a Friday or Saturday, you may purchase a gift certificate.

b)    The certificate holder will need to pay the chauffeur’s gratuity – $25/hour for an eight passenger limousine. A credit card is required when they use the certificate so that we may charge for any overtime beyond four hours.

c)     Hourly minimums apply.

d)    No certificate will be valid on prom dates, Kentucky Derby, or any other city-wide event dates.

e)     Prior to issuing the certificate, a responsible party from the charity must sign a document guaranteeing that the stipulations on the certificate will be clearly stated to all individuals considering purchasing or bidding on the certificate, i.e. at the auction table.

Pegasus strives at all times to support our local charities. It is imperative that purchasers of our certificates, either by direct purchase or as an auction bidder, have a full understanding of our stipulations - we do not want any misunderstandings or disappointments with our gifts to charities.



Signature, Printed Name (must be legible!)



Organization Name (must match Donation Request Letter)





Instructions: Fax or Email this form, along with your Donation Request Letter on your letterhead to:

Fax   502-458-3608              Email


Form DRF (Revised 12/20)